Maritime Security in Kenya

This working paper provides a primer to the SAFE SEAS case study of the maritime security sector in Kenya drawing on elements of the SPIP methodology. It examines the maritime spaces of Kenya, the problems, and challenges facing these spaces as well as the existing legal, policy and institutional frameworks for tackling these problems. Read … Read more

Approaches to maritime governance: Coordination instruments in Seychelles and Kenya

One of the core challenges of governing the maritime in order to achieve the goals associated with maritime security and the blue economy is the coordination of the different governmental agencies implementing policies at sea and those societal actors that use the sea. Our recent meetings with practitioners in Kenya and Seychelles revealed the different approaches countries are taking in addressing this challenge.

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Understanding maritime security in Kenya

As part of the July field visits, the core project team of SAFESEAS visited Nairobi and Mombasa (Kenya) to gain a better understanding of the maritime security sector in the country. Kenya attaches increasing importance to the maritime sector, signified not the least by the creation of the presidents Blue Economy Committee in 2017. During the … Read more