SafeSeas is a network of researchers who investigate maritime security. Our focus is on issues of security at sea, ocean governance and ‘blue crimes’. SafeSeas produces original research, commentary and guidance for policy makers and practitioners on security governance, capacity building and regional cooperation in the maritime environment.




The Transnational Organised Crime at Sea (TOCAS) project investigates different expressions of blue crime and the responses to it in the Indo-Pacific. It compiles an Evidence Base on blue crimes and studies the responses on a regional level.


The Analyzing Maritime Security in Ghana (AMARIS) project studies blue crime, maritime security governance and capacity building in Ghana. It was launched in 2020.


Our most recent project investigates the maritime security of the UK and the consequences of Brexit.

Capacity Building

The primary goal of this project was to identify best practices for maritime security capacity building drawing on the experiences in the Western Indian Ocean. The project ran from 2017 to 2018. Its main outcome was a best practice toolkit.

Working Papers

SafeSeas publishes initial research results and forthcoming articles as working papers.