Regional responses to maritime security

Addressing maritime security and responding to blue crimes has led to various regional mechanisms through which actors aim at coordination, information sharing and mutual learning. In many of the global maritime regions this has led to a significant institutional complexity as well as sometimes fragmentation.

SafeSeas researchers study the different regional constellations with a focus on the Western Indian Ocean, the Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Atlantic, the South Pacific and the Indo-Pacific. The aim is to study the making of maritime regions but also to understand the different political dynamics in these.

Updates on regional responses

SafeSeas researchers present at international maritime security forums
In November 2022 SafeSeas researchers attend several important international maritime security forums. Dr. Jan Stockbruegger will be attending the 50th Shared Awareness and Deconfliction (SHADE) meeting in Bahrain. He will ...
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Implementing the UK’s Indo-Pacific ’tilt’ in Southeast Asia through equitable and sustainable partnerships
By Robert Yates & Scott Edwards In June 2022, the University of Bristol hosted a workshop bringing together academics working on Southeast Asia. From a variety of disciplines, participants explored ...
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New Commentary: the contact group in the Western Indian Ocean
In early 2022 a subtle, but substantial shift took place in the Western Indian Ocean's security architecture: The Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (known as CGPCS) ...
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Can the new contact group add value in the Western Indian Ocean? 4 scenarios
by Christian Bueger In early 2022 a subtle, but substantial shift took place in the Western Indian Ocean's security architecture: The Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia ...
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New article – how to improve the maritime security architecture in the Western Indian Ocean
Professor Christian Bueger and Dr. Jan Stockbruegger have conducted a review of the current security situation in the Western Indian Ocean. The study is published in African Security Review. They ...
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Maritime Security in Ghana: The next steps
Tackling maritime insecurity in order to enhance the blue economy, restore ocean health, but also to strengthen blue justice, continues to be one of the major challenges for today's governments ...
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SafeSeas research discussed at major maritime security forums
In the last week, we had the opportunity to feed key research insights from the TOCAS project into a number of policy processes. The first one was a presentation at ...
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Presentation at G7 meeting
The G7++ Friends of the Gulf of Guinea is the most important global forum to coordinate the fight against piracy in the Gulf of Guinea region. At this years plenary ...
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Participation in IFC Maritime Security Webinar
The Information Fusion Centre (IFC) based in Singapore is one of the most important international hubs for sharing information on the maritime domain. It enhances the global understanding what issues ...
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Book on Capacity Building for Maritime Security published
How can countries step up their maritime security? How can they better tackle challenges, such as illegal fishing, marine piracy or smuggling? How can the international community better assist countries ...
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