SafeSeas works towards the improvement of education and training on maritime security and ocean governance around the world.

We are in the process of developing online learning opportunities and courses on maritime security that provide general overviews, as well as programmes tailored to specific regions and challenges.

Introductory Lectures

Introductory Readings

Very good introductory readings include:

  • Bueger, Christian and Tim Edmunds. 2017. Beyond Seablindness: A New Agenda For Maritime Security Studies, International Affairs, 93(6): 1293–1311, open access at:
  • Bueger, Christian and Tim Edmunds. 2020. Blue Crime: Conceptualising Transnational Organised Crime at Sea, Marine Policy 119, 104067, open access at:
  • Russell, Denise. 2010. Who Rules the Waves? Piracy, Overfishing and Mining the Oceans. London & New York: Pluto Press.
  • Sloggett, Dave. 2012. The Anarchic Sea: Maritime Security in the Twenty-First Century. Oxford & New York: Hurst.
  • Tinti, Peter and Tuesday Reitano. 2018. Migrant, Refugee, Smuggler, Saviour. London: Hurst.
  • Urbina, Ian. 2019. The Outlaw Ocean. Journey’s across the last untamed frontier. London: The Bodley Head.