SafeSeas works towards the improvement of education and training on maritime security and ocean governance around the world.

We provide tailored training programmes, workshop and talks according to different organizational needs. We teach courses at masters level at the University of Copenhagen, and have in the past provided executive training, including for the UNODC.

Our approach is informed by our book Understanding Maritime Security, forthcoming with Oxford University Press, 2024. We are in the process of developing online learning opportunities and courses on maritime security.

The Comprehensive Guide

“Understanding Maritime Security” is your comprehensive guidebook to security at sea, written by SafeSeas directors Christian Bueger and Timothy Edmunds.

From analyzing evolving threats to exploring the intricacies of international maritime law, this book offers a thorough examination of maritime security.

Whether you are a policymaker, industry professional, researcher, or student, it is an indispensable resource for navigating the complexities of the oceans.

It’s available via all online book sellers or directly via Oxford University Press (with the 30% discount code ASFLYQ6 available from April 30th 2024).

Introductory Lectures

Other Introductory Readings

Very good introductory readings include:

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