Podcast: Strategic Trends in Maritime Security

SafeSeas director Tim Edmunds was recently interviewed for the RUSI Journal Radio podcast. In a wide ranging discussion, he addresses issues including the importance of the oceans to the global economy, current maritime security threats and vulnerabilities, as well as the wider trends such as the rise in geopolitical competition at sea, the impact of … Read more

Understanding Maritime Security – go-to resource now available in print

The book Understanding Maritime Security written by SafeSeas directors Christian Bueger and Timothy Edmunds is now available in print with Oxford University Press and all book sellers. What early reviewers said: “Understanding Maritime Security is a ‘must-read’ for any government official, practitioner, or student who needs to get a handle on contemporary security challenges in … Read more

Event summary – next steps for critical maritime infrastructure protection in the North Sea

Securing infrastructure and the green transition in the North Sea: Symposium on Critical Maritime Infrastructure Protection, 23 May – 24 May 202, Edinburgh Climate Change Institute (ECCI), University of Edinburgh The North Sea is a vital strategic space for European energy markets and in the green transition. As a regional sea it has become a … Read more

2nd symposium on Critical Maritime Infrastructure Protection in North Sea

The North Sea is a strategic space in the green energy transition and an increasingly industrialized infrastructure space. In many ways the regional sea is a laboratory for how to organize critical maritime infrastructure protection (CMIP). As part of the partnership with the University of Copenhagen and the University of Edinburgh, SafeSeas was co-organizing a … Read more

The return of Somali piracy. Safeseas contributes to joint statement

Somali pirates show increasing activity, implying a growing threat to international shipping. This presents a situation in which piracy is no longer suppressed in the region. On the 29th of January the Indian Ocean Commission issued a statement and call for action that SafeSeas contributed to along with the two centers of the MASE architecture. … Read more

SafeSeas at North Sea Neighbours Conference 2023

Image credit: https://www.nkt.com/products-solutions/high-voltage-cable-solutions/installation/offshore-installation SafeSeas director Professor Tim Edmunds joined a UK FCDO delegation at the NL-UK North Sea Neighbours conference in The Hague, NL, on 7 December as a speaker on Subsea Critical National Infrastructure protection (CMIP). He emphasised the importance of the North Sea as a test bed for critical maritime infrastructure protection, and … Read more

Event summary – North Sea Critical Infrastructure Protection

The 2022 attack on the Nord Stream pipelines brought much needed attention to the vulnerability of maritime infrastructures and their vitality in the digital age and for achieving the goals of the green energy transition. The October 2023 Baltic Connector pipeline incident has given this agenda further impetus. Identifying a common agenda for policy and … Read more

Symposium on critical maritime infrastructures in the North Sea

In partnership with the University of Copenhagen and the University of Edinburgh, SafeSeas is hosting a symposium on critical maritime infrastructure protection in the North Sea in Copenhagen on 23. and 24.11. With the growing awareness for the vulnerabilities of maritime infrastructures and their growing importance, in particular the green transition, the North Sea is … Read more

New article analyzes maritime security and offshore wind energy infrastructure

Offshore wind is rapidly emerging as the future of green energy production, but it brings new challenges to maritime security. With the expansion of wind farms, underwater cables, hydrogen pipelines, and energy islands, regional seas are becoming more congested and vulnerable to terrorism, crime, and hostile state activities. In a new article forthcoming in the … Read more

Shipping risks: Lessons from Wakashio disaster for island states – Event Summary

The Charles Telfair Centre, in partnership with the University of Copenhagen and the SafeSeas network for maritime security research, hosted a public event on “Shipping Risks: Lessons from the Wakashio for Western Indian Ocean Islands” on Friday, August 18, 2023 in Mauritius. Over 100 guests attended the event, which showcased the latest research on shipping … Read more