Symposium on critical maritime infrastructures in the North Sea

In partnership with the University of Copenhagen and the University of Edinburgh, SafeSeas is hosting a symposium on critical maritime infrastructure protection in the North Sea in Copenhagen on 23. and 24.11.

With the growing awareness for the vulnerabilities of maritime infrastructures and their growing importance, in particular the green transition, the North Sea is emerging as a major maritime security space. Yet, strategic debates mainly focus on the Baltic Sea, where the attacks on the Nordstream and Baltic Connector pipelines took place. Not only are North Sea and Baltic Sea security directly linked, it is important to scrutinize regional seas environments and how protection can be organized more broadly.

The symposium brings together different research organizations, industry and governmental representatives from the North Sea countries as well as NATO and EU. It also marks the inauguration of a new research alliance led by SafeSeas.

The event is funded by the Center for Military Studies, a grant by the Velux Foundation, as well as the Edinburgh-Copenhagen strategic partnership initiative.