An enduring threat – suspected Somali pirates transferred to Seychelles

This week six suspected Somali pirates were transferred by EUNAVFOR officials to the Seychelles to stand trial – the first such transfer of piracy suspects to the country since 2014. The suspects were apprehended by an Italian navy frigate, ITS Virginio Fasan, after they attacked a Seychelles-flagged 52,000-tonne container ship and a fishing vessel in the … Read more

Visiting government ministries in Kenya and Djibouti

SafeSeas Research Associate Dr. Robert McCabe is meeting with various Government ministries with responsibility for the maritime sector in Kenya and Djibouti this week. These high-level meetings are a chance to learn more about how the maritime sector is organised in both countries at policy level and explore different maritime security sector reform processes as … Read more

SafeSeas to hold book workshop at University of Stellenbosch

SafeSeas in collaboration with project partners from the Security Institute for Governance and Leadership in Africa (SIGLA) at the University of Stellenbosch will hold a workshop on ‘Maritime Security Capacity Building: Towards Best Practices’ in November. The primary objective of this workshop is to discuss the drafts of the book chapters that present the core … Read more

Development, Security and the Oceans: Summary of World Oceans Day event

In celebration of World Oceans Day, the SAFESEAS team in collaboration with the Sustainable Places Research Institute and the Crime and Security Research Institute at Cardiff University held a seminar on the 8th of June with the aim of exploring linkages between some of the key challenges facing the ocean space. This blog summarises the key insights gained at the event. 

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New project staff join the SAFE SEAS team

SAFE SEAS is delighted to welcome Alvine Marie and Njoki Mboce to the team. Alvine and Njoki will primarily contribute to mapping national maritime security sectors through case studies of MSSR processes in their respective countries. These case studies will identify best practices, gaps and shortcomings in the delivery of maritime security capacity building. Alvine … Read more

Somali sea hijack is a warning signal

The hijacking of the Aris 13 tanker by Somali pirates last week was a warning signal – it reiterates the importance of maintaining international counter-piracy efforts while also building the capacity of western Indian Ocean states to manage and develop their own maritime security needs. SAFE SEAS published a commentary on the incident with The Conversation … Read more