Visiting government ministries in Kenya and Djibouti

SafeSeas Research Associate Dr. Robert McCabe is meeting with various Government ministries with responsibility for the maritime sector in Kenya and Djibouti this week. These high-level meetings are a chance to learn more about how the maritime sector is organised in both countries at policy level and explore different maritime security sector reform processes as well as the successes and failures of capacity building in the region.

In Kenya, Dr McCabe is meeting with the State Department for Fisheries and the Blue Economy (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries); the State Department for Maritime & Shipping Affairs (Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing & Urban Development) and the Chief Research Officer of the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) amongst others. In Djibouti, consultations are ongoing with the Ministry of Equipment and Transport; Director of the Djibouti Regional Training Centre (DRTC); the Djibouti Coast Guard and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs as well as a representative from Djibouti Maritime Security Services Ltd (DMSS).

These consultations will inform the ongoing mapping of the both Djibouti and Kenya’s maritime security sector and provide an outline of the best practice tool kit for maritime security capacity building.

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