SafeSeas researchers present at international maritime security forums

In November 2022 SafeSeas researchers attend several important international maritime security forums.

Dr. Jan Stockbruegger will be attending the 50th Shared Awareness and Deconfliction (SHADE) meeting in Bahrain. He will be providing an academic perspective to the event, drawing on a recent research article on maritime security in the Western Indian Ocean. He argues that SHADE should concentrate on its core business, that is to enhance awareness and deconflict naval operations.

Professor Christian Bueger will be attending the Shared Awareness and Deconfliction Mediterranean (SHADE Med) conference in Rome. At the event he will present SafeSeas research on critical underwater infrastructures and reflect on the policy responses to the Nord Stream attacks. He argues that maritime security operations in the region need to include maritime infrastructure protection in their tasks.

Professor Bueger is also attending the 1st Maritime Situational Awareness Symposium, organized by the European Defense Agency in Brussels. He will reflect on the current state of European MDA, its gaps and challenges and how a proposed project by EDA could build important new bridges.

Professor Tim Edmunds is participating in “Efforts and Initiatives by Third Parties to Secure Peace and Stability in the Horn of Africa: Assessment of Roles and Interests” – a conference organized by TRENDS in Abu Dhabi. He investigates the state of maritime security in the region and the dedicated capacity building needs.