SAFE SEAS contributes to OBP workshop in London

Dr. Robert McCabe, Research Associate of SAFE SEAS, travelled to London recently to attend the launch of the Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP) ‘State of Maritime Piracy 2016’ report at the UK Chamber of Shipping, which was attended by a range of industry, academic and military stakeholders including a plenary address by the Seychelles Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Barry Faure.

Dr. McCabe then participated in an expert-group workshop at the International Maritime Organization (IMO), where the SAFE SEAS project was discussed alongside contributions and discussion from various other researchers, industry bodies and practitioners including the IMO, OBP, EUNAVFOR and FISH-i Africa. Key themes that emerged from the discussion included the declining policy relevance of piracy and the importance of broadening the scope of maritime security beyond piracy to include, for example, sustainable fisheries.

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