Roundtable on Maritime Crime in Copenhagen

On Monday, the 27th of May, 2019 SafeSeas is organising a public roundtable titled “Uncovering Hidden Maritime Crimes – Consequences for the Shipping Industry”. The event is jointly organised by Danish Shipping, the University of Copenhagen and SafeSeas.

While it is maritime piracy that catches most of the attention, there is less awareness of the detrimental impact of other crimes in the maritime domain. The roundtable focuses on these hidden maritime crimes and what kind of consequences and costs they imply for the shipping industry. Focusing on stowaways, human trafficking and the smuggling of illicit goods and narcotics, the goal of the event is to situate these crimes in a broader context and discuss how they can be tackled and addressed.

Panelists include Mr. Alan Cole, Head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime Global Maritime Crime Programme, discussing smuggling, Dr. Eugenio Cusumano, Assistant Professor, Leiden University, discussing illegal migration in the Mediterranean, Dr. Amaha Senu, Research Associate, Seafarers International Research Centre, discussing stowaways and Dr. Ursula Daxecker, Associate Professor, University of Amsterdam, discussing the nexus between different forms of maritime crime and their root causes.

Registration is through this link

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