Maritime Security Course in Copenhagen gets going

Maritime Security is a growing field within the academic study of international security. Yet, the security challenges at sea, blue crimes and the link between security, safety and blue economy continue to receive relatively little attention in higher education. SafeSeas is striving to change this state of academic sea blindness by highlighting the importance of mainstreaming the oceans as a security concern across courses, but also in developing dedicated teaching resources, through our YouTube channel, but also through a pilot course which is taught at the University of Copenhagen.

In the course students get an introduction to the fundamentals of maritime security – history, issues, institutions, law, key actors and responses. They then explore a range of critical issues. In this year’s iteration the participants focus on piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and Southeast Asia, Migration in the Mediterranean, oil spills, as well as maritime security governance in Denmark. The course is embedded in the Master in International Relations as well as Master in Security Risk Management Programme. Contact us to learn more about the curriculum and approach we are using.