Blue ideaslab on crimes and order at sea

As part of the ongoing discussion on the blue turn and divergent research perspectives on ocean governance, international relations and maritime security, SafeSeas organised another iteration of the blue ideaslab on the 28th of May. The blue ideaslab provides an open format to discuss research and project ideas as well as work in progress linked to social science research on the sea. While previous versions were held physically at the University of Copenhagen, this iteration was online, which also enabled broader international participation.

Three sets of ideas were discussed under the title “Crimes and Order at Sea”. Jan Stockbruegger from Brown University introduced his research on the history of maritime order, Edyta Rozko, Senior Researcher at the Chr. Michelsen Institute in Bergen, Norway presented insights from her ongoing research project on fisheries, and Tim Edmunds and Christian Bueger presented a recent paper on the intersections between different blue crimes which is an outcome of the TOCAS project.

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