Announcement: Upcoming Ideaslab – Securing Britain’s Seas

Safeseas is organising an Ideaslab on ‘Securing Britain’s Seas’ on the 28th February in Bristol.

As a nation of islands, maritime security is of critical importance to the UK.
Maritime security comprises a range of important issues, including fisheries management, the migration of people, the fight against narcotics and people trafficking, marine environmental protection, the protection of critical infrastructure and counterterrorism at sea. Yet, while the UK remains a major naval power, its independent capacities for the management of maritime security in home waters are underdeveloped. UK maritime security also faces a series of new challenges in consequence of the Brexit process.

The IdeasLab will facilitate expert discussion, dialogue and coproduction on the challenges of ensuring UK maritime security, drawing on contributions from academics, policy makers and other maritime security stakeholders. It will be organised around three 90 minute sessions: 1) on threats, risks and opportunities; 2) on borders, boundaries and maritime regions; and 3) on governance and coordination. Each session will be introduced by three short position papers (10-15 minutes) followed by a structured discussion focused around pre-prepared questions.

Panelists will be joining us from the UK Joint Maritime Operations and Coordination Centre, the Department for Transport, the National Maritime Information Centre, the Scottish Government, the Marine Management Organisation, the University of Copenhagen and the University of Bristol, while other maritime agencies and stakeholders will be involved in the expert discussion and dialogue.

Numbers are likely to be limited. To express interest and register for the event, please contact Dr. Scott Edwards (

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