SAVE THE DATE: ‘Do we have the right data for fighting maritime piracy?’ Webinar

SAVE THE DATE: 9th June, 15.00 BST

SafeSeas is pleased to announce a webinar event held on the 9th of June, 15.00 BST, in collaboration with Stable Seas, to accompany the release of our new report ‘What we know about piracy’.

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The speakers are:

Ms. Lydelle Joubert, Stable Seas
Mr. Cyrus Mody, IMB Piracy Reporting Centre, ICC
Ms. Siri Bjune, Global Maritime Crime Programme, UNODC
Mr. Jacob Larsen, BIMCO
Dr. Ursula Daxecker, University of Amsterdam


Piracy attacks continue to be rampant and threaten the shipping industry. In the Gulf of Guinea and other regions attacks continue despite substantial international efforts and self-protective measures. Good policies and effective responses depend on solid data. The right data allows us to identify patterns and criminal networks, target interventions better and provides clues about what deterrence measures work. It is also important to raise awareness and draw political attention to the problem.

Piracy data has been systematically collected since the 1980s, initially by the International Maritime Bureau and International Maritime Organization. Since the 2000s the number of actors collecting data on piracy has increased. Regional organizations and maritime domain awareness programmes collect data for particular regions, or to support military missions.

Over the years different definitions of what should count as piracy and what information should be included (e.g. degree of violence) in such reports have developed. Data collection is increasingly fragmented, and reports come to different conclusions on trends. 

This not only raises the question of whether and how such data could be harmonized, but also whether the data collected meets the needs of all users. Are law enforcement agencies, the shipping industry, security analysts as well as the general public getting the right information and picture?

The event, ‘Do we have the right data for fighting maritime piracy?’, will answer these questions by drawing upon insights from the new report and through discussion with different stakeholders and experts.

The discussion will be chaired by Christian Bueger, Co-Director of SafeSeas and professor at the University of Copenhagen.

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