SafeSeas organises workshop on illegal fishing in Seychelles

As part of its ongoing collaboration with the University of Seychelles, SAFESEAS is organising a symposium on illegal fishery in Seychelles waters and the wider Western Indian Ocean region. Titled “Stopping Illegal Fishing: Protecting the ‘Blue Gold’ of the Seychelles” the objective of the event on the 6th of December is to raise awareness for the problem and to offer a platform for the policy dialogue on how to improve a national and regional multi-agency response. Given the Seychelles’ status as a regional and global leader in ocean governance it is important that the country continues to be pro-active in this important security and development matter.

Speakers at the event represent the Seychelles Blue Economy department, the Seychelles Fishing Authority, Seychelles Fishing Boat Owner Association,  the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission as well Fish-I Africa. Prof. Christian Bueger, PI of SAFESEAS will offer introductory remarks and chair one of the two panels. The event has been covered in the news. For a short report see here. 

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