SafeSeas researchers at ISA

Christian Bueger and Scott Edwards attended the International Studies Association’s 2021 conference.

Christian Bueger presented on ‘Folk Theories of International Politics’, ‘Manifestos for an International Political Design’ and ‘Informality in World Politics: Global and regional governance / Across subdisciplines?’.

Scott Edwards presented on ‘Fostering Affect Through Food: Sociability and the Emergence of an Affective Based Trust in Southeast Asia’.

SafeSea’s affiliates were also present at the conference:

Ursula Daxecker and Brandon Prins held an ‘Authors Meet Critics’ panel on their new book “Pirate Lands: Governance and Maritime Piracy”. SafeSeas will be holding an event on this book on the 29th April

Ehud Eiran and Aviad Rubin presented on ‘Naval Power and Effects of Third-Party Trade on Conflict’ among others.

Elizabeth Nyman presented on ‘Divine Interventions: The influence of the Vatican on the progressive development of ocean governance’

Posted by Scott Edwards

Dr. Edwards is a research associate at the University of Bristol for the TOCAS project. Scott completed his PhD at the University of Birmingham in 2019, where he analysed the role of trust in security communities under Nicholas Wheeler. He holds an MA from the University of Birmingham in Asia-Pacific International Relations, and has primarily focused on Southeast Asian security issues. He is the lead author of the SafeSeas evidence base and specialists in issues of coordination and inter-agency management.

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