The UK Government will launch its new National Strategy for Maritime Security (NSMS) at the University of Bristol on 9 June

Tim Edmunds, Christian Bueger, and Scott Edwards have been working closely with the UK maritime security policy makers throughout the NSMS process as part of the SafeSeas research programme, co-hosted by the universities of Bristol and Copenhagen. 

The launch event itself is a collaboration between SafeSeas and the UK’s Department for Transport and Joint Maritime Security Centre. Funded by the University of Bristol’s Policy Support Fund and an ESRC Impact Acceleration Award, it takes the form of an IdeasLab in which key themes and issues from the Strategy will be discussed by an expert audience comprising maritime security policy makers and practitioners, academics, and wider stakeholders.

Discussion will focus around panels on strategy making, on current priorities and future threats, on coordinating responses across land and sea, and on regions and priorities.

Attendance at the IdeasLab is by invitation only. However, the discussion will be summarised in a policy report to be released on the SafeSeas website in late June.


Posted by Scott Edwards

Dr. Edwards is a research associate at the University of Bristol for the TOCAS project. Scott completed his PhD at the University of Birmingham in 2019, where he analysed the role of trust in security communities under Nicholas Wheeler. He holds an MA from the University of Birmingham in Asia-Pacific International Relations, and has primarily focused on Southeast Asian security issues. He is the lead author of the SafeSeas evidence base and specialists in issues of coordination and inter-agency management.

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