SafeSeas and DCAF join forces to deliver MSSG workshop

Tim Edmunds and Scott Edwards joined the Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance to deliver a 3-day workshop on Maritime Security Sector Governance in East Asia.

Tim Edmunds presented on ‘Introduction to the Maritime Security Sector Governance Concept’ and ‘Introduction to Maritime Security Sector Reform and International Experiences’. Scott Edwards presented on ‘Challenges in Addressing Maritime Security’. He also moderated panels on ‘Introducing the Maritime Security Sector Governance Concept and its Relevance for East Asia’, ‘Political and Legal Dimensions of Maritime Security Sector Challenges in East Asia’, and ‘Understanding Maritime Security Sector Reform’. Finally, he delivered reflections on a roundtable considering ‘The Way Forward to Strengthen Maritime Security Sector Governance in East Asia’.

Participants attended from China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Mongolia. Participants from institutions such as the South Korean Navy, China’s Global Governance Institute, and Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force shared their insights on the regional maritime security sector.

The workshop addressed broad themes of security sector governance. It included an in-depth focus on trust development in the region, developing domestic security capabilities, capacity building, and the roles of various actors (including regional Coast Guards).

Posted by Scott Edwards

Dr. Edwards is a research associate at the University of Bristol for the TOCAS project. Scott completed his PhD at the University of Birmingham in 2019, where he analysed the role of trust in security communities under Nicholas Wheeler. He holds an MA from the University of Birmingham in Asia-Pacific International Relations, and has primarily focused on Southeast Asian security issues. He is the lead author of the SafeSeas evidence base and specialists in issues of coordination and inter-agency management.

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