Transnational Organised Crime at Sea – Evidence Base

What do we know about transnational organised crime at sea? How do such blue crimes manifest, how do they intersect and are related to crime on land? What kind of data on blue crime is collected? These are the core questions that the Blue Crime Evidence Base project is addressing. Funded through a grant by the Economic and Social Research Council by the UK the goal is to collate and synthesize our knowledge on blue crimes to guide policy but also identify gaps.

Blue Crime: Conceptualising transnational organised crime at sea
SafeSeas Directors Christian Bueger and Tim Edmunds have released a new working paper ‘Blue Crime: Conceptualising transnational organised crime at sea’. A pre-print of an article accepted at Marine Policy, the paper proposes the concept of blue crime and provides a systematic conceptualisation of the term as well as a typology. Click here for the working paper Transnational organised crime at sea has only recently been recognised as a major security issue that requires political attention. Crimes such as maritime ...
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Blue ideaslab on crimes and order at sea
As part of the ongoing discussion on the blue turn and divergent research perspectives on ocean governance, international relations and maritime security, SafeSeas organised another iteration of the blue ideaslab on the 28th of May. The blue ideaslab provides an open format to discuss research and project ideas as well as work in progress linked to social science research on the sea. While previous versions were held physically at the University of Copenhagen, this iteration was online, which also enabled ...
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New Report: What we know about piracy
SafeSeas is pleased to announce the first report resulting from collaboration with Stable Seas: What we know about Piracy Click here for the full report Royal Navy and Royal Marines Commandos board a Somalian whaler in the Indian Ocean off the Horn of Africa, By Royal Navy Authored by Lydelle Joubert, the report draws on desk-based research conducted between June 2019 and March 2020. It provides a systematic overview of data, answering the questions:
SAVE THE DATE: ‘Do we have the right data for fighting maritime piracy?’ Webinar
SAVE THE DATE: 9th June, 15.00 BST SafeSeas is pleased to announce a webinar event held on the 9th of June, 15.00 BST, in collaboration with Stable Seas, to accompany the release of our new report ‘What we know about piracy’. Click here for the full report Click here for the Programme The speakers are: Ms. Lydelle Joubert, Stable Seas
Mr. Cyrus Mody, IMB Piracy Reporting Centre, ICC
Ms. Siri Bjune, Global Maritime Crime Programme, UNODC
Mr. Jacob Larsen, BIMCO
Dr. Ursula Daxecker, University ...
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Relaunch of SafeSeas newsletter
SafeSeas is pleased to announce the relaunch of its newsletter. Sent out every two months, it will serve as a digest of recent SafeSeas’ activity. Updates will also be sent to you directly to inform you of our events, publications, and resources. With an exciting range of events and publications forthcoming from multiple projects, now is the perfect time to join the SafeSeas maritime security community. You can subscribe to the newsletter to the right-hand side of this page or ...
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